Essential oils have been used for their therapeutic and various other health benefits throughout man’s existence. There were times when royals only used some oils based on their aromatic properties, and today they are used by all classes of people.

Essential oils are, however, called essentials for a reason, but with children, how effective can they be? Its potency requires considerate application to avoid getting undesirable results.

In this article, we will be looking at the effects of essential oils on kids and how to use them.

Why use essential oil for children?

Essential oils are now fast becoming popular, and their usage has also increased over the years. People use essential oils for numerous benefits, and the use is not only limited to adults alone. Parents use essential oils on their children for reasons that include helping them sleep better at night or massaging their tender bodies.

The use of essential oil for children is quite beneficial and can help in relieving stress and pain. Despite the benefits that come with it, it needs to be used with caution with children to prevent side effects or reactions. The exact required amount is what is unknown to many, even parents.

How to use essential oil for children

It would be best if you talked to your primary health care personnel or personal doctor before the commencement of essential oil on your children. Except you want to end up with guilt knowing that you worsened your child’s ailment rather than alleviate it.

There are various forms of oils, and even if they are to be used for children, it is better in tiny quantities with little or no contact with the skin to avoid allergies from irritation and further infection. Even if this essential oil is to be taken as a supplement, it should not be a substitute to the doctor’s prescription but rather taken as a supplement.

Children sometimes have formulated baby oil prepared under the best conditions and have been tested and trusted to be suitable for their age group. This could easily replace popular essential oils for children if they are to be used after all.


Come to think of it, do essential oils positively or negatively affect children? The result often determines how you use them and the quantity used. It is better to familiarize yourself with the content and use of each oil and not depend on glamorous commercials; else, you might end up believing these oils do more harm than good.

It is crucial you seek medical advice before purchasing any product for kids, especially if they have any previous history of skin condition.

Whenever you notice any skin reaction during the usage period, you need to discontinue use and seek the help of medical personnel.