November 12,2011, I saw an ad for a horse.  A 2 yr. old filly, a Friesian / Shire Cross for sale.  I called immediately and setup an appointment to see this girl.  I called my best friend to come with me, because she’s had horses all her life and this was my first time buying a horse. I’ve ridden other people’s horse but never owned on myself.  I was hoping to make a life long dream come true at 45 yrs. old.

The next day, after a sleepless night, I go to see this horse.  She is a combination of my 2 favorite breeds.  I meet this large, graceful, elegant moving creature who captivates me.  She’s a beautiful bay, which is a rich reddish-brown body, with black points- mane, tail, and stockings up her legs, and a striking white blaze that appears to glow. She has a touch of white above her right back hoof, she’s big boned at 16.2hh (a hand is 4”) with lots of growing to do. It was Love at first sight!  I hold back my excitement and we check her out and ask all the questions we should ask. We make an agreement for me to pick her up in 2 weeks after she has her Coggins pulled and shots from the vet.

For 2 weeks, I say nothing to my family and friends.  The day I bring her home, I call my mom to come see what I’ve purchased.  She’s surprised I bought a horse, since that’s all I ever asked for as a child for birthdays and Christmas.  She doesn’t approve until my daughter arrives home from school.  As she gets off the bus, she hollers, “Mommy you bought me a pony!” then comes running across the yard, (my daughter never runs).  I told her, “No baby, I bought mommy a pony, but I’ll share her with you!”  The smile on that child’s face made my mother change her mind about the horse.  My daughter is the only grandchild!

This was the beginning of my childhood dreams/obsession coming true.  Juneau was prancing around my new fenced in yard, high stepping and shaking her head.  Apparently, she was sizing up my fence and proceeded to jump it after 3 laps around the yard.  She didn’t clear it completely, pulling some of it down and was now in the front yard, which wasn’t supposed to be her space.  As I assessed the damage to my fence and pushed it back into place, she stood there looking at me so proud of herself.  Little did I know that this behavior would become a habit of knocking down fences.  She would become a tester of my future fencing capabilities.

My dream horse is a big, loving, fence destroying beast.  She’s a great trail riding partner though.  She has no fear and nothing rattles her on the roads, in the woods, or any place you take her.  It is a bit un-nerving when you get up in the morning and another horse is upset, you go outside to see what the commotion is about and you see your 1800# horse come trotting up to the gate on the wrong side of the yard, with other horses behind her, because they went on a walk about during the night.  Now I get to spend the next hour finding the weak spot in the fence then the day repairing it.  

This horse can be a nuisance at times, but I wouldn’t trade her for anything.  She’ll live her life with my daughter and I, until death do us part.  She’s my first horse and I’m honored to have the responsibility and ownership of her.  All animals are a gift and should be cherished!