Crafting is good for the soul, and every crafter knows that finding your niche means a lot of trial and error. Of course, most of us crafters use this as an excuse to buy more supplies and have a little fun with something new. Still, it’s worth exploring all the different types of crafts available until you find one that strikes your fancy. Here are four crafts you should try that won’t break the bank (at least until you find one that makes your soul sing)!

1. Crochet

For under $10, you can buy a hook and skein of yarn and get started making everything from blankets to coasters. This versatile craft allows ultimate creativity once you learn the basics. Even better, there are thousands of online tutorials, social media crochet communities, and free patterns available for you to explore. Don’t worry if you turn into a yarn hoarder because if you like this craft, it’s bound to happen!

2. Resin Pour

A step down in difficulty from true epoxy, making resin art is just plain fun. Simply get a set of mica powder for coloring, a two-part resin pour kit, and a fun mold to see if you like it! In total, it should cost about $30 to get started. The options are endless once you master the art, as you can even create your own molds out of silicone if you want. Just be sure to wear gloves every time. I can attest that washing the resin off your hands is not fun at all.

3. Beadwork

For an intricate and detailed craft, beadwork offers a lot of versatility. From tapestry style to jewelry making, seed beads provide endless possibilities. You can also purchase specialty beads to add some flair to your project or purchase larger beads if seed beads don’t work well with your dexterity level. Even better, beads and thread are inexpensive for beginners, making this a pocket-savvy endeavor.

4. Papercraft

While non-crafters will see a sheet of paper and think nothing of it, crafty people see tons of fun activities and possibilities. You can learn origami, start a scrapbook, create collages, or even shred it up to make new paper! Be careful not to get lost in the paper crafting aisles and come home with entire shelves once you get started. There are a lot of neat patterns out there! Depending on your project, it can cost between $5 and $25 to get what you need.

If at the end of the day, none of these strike your fancy, there are hundreds of other options and variations to explore. Join an online crafting community and ask them for advice, and you’ll learn about tons of new projects and all the best places to get materials. Happy crafting!