Mondays sometimes get a bad rap. The start of our work/school week or the end of our weekend/time off. Mondays can be something else as well.  Therefore; this week I took advantage of my impromptu day off on a Monday.

Anytime spent with my horses is very precious time. I work 40 – 60 hours weekly, am a single mom, have a small farm, and generally burn the candle at both ends, like many people out there. Today was a cool, clear, sunny, low humidity, and the perfect day to hang out with my herd – 15 horses, 3 donkeys, 3 cows, 2 goats, and 6 dogs. I filled/cleaned water troughs while they started gathering at the gate, excited that I was home during the day. As each horse made his/her way towards me, I greeted them with hellos and hand currying their backs and stroking/untangling their manes. The horses just enjoyed the special pampering. The cows just mowed their hellos and continued to graze. The donkeys and goats just watch from a distance because they don’t want to appear too enthusiastic about anything other than their feed or treats. I just enjoyed the sunshine with my babies.

Everyone took turns getting mom’s attention, some even posed for pictures. Yes, they are like a bunch of kids!  Each one has a different personality, attitude, and place in my heart. The love, trust, affection, and pride I have for each one of them and they seem to have for me as well. I often call horses oversized dogs that are generally willing to please and loyal if treated with respect and given proper boundaries. There’s inner peace when spending time with animals. They have purity, innocence about them, although they can be jealous of one another as well. Time spent in nature and with animals can restore and nourish your soul.  Renewing your energy and relieving your stress.

Anytime you’re allowed to enjoy a Monday take it.  Live each day to the fullest. Stop and appreciate precious moments, because the hectic, busy world is always waiting to overwhelm you. So; making lasting memories to get you through the tougher times in life is essential. When in doubt, laugh at yourself or with others, to lighten any mood. “Laughter is the Best Medicine!” Enjoy life!