Candlelight has long been seen as romantic and intimate. The soft flicker of the flames lends the perfect lighting for a calming and soothing atmosphere while creating a sense of privacy and romance. In this article, we’ll explore the ideal candle placement within your bedroom and one of our favorite secrets: massage candles!

When it comes to candle placement, you don’t want them on every surface. For one, lighting them would take forever, and for two, an accidental fire is the exact opposite of a good time. Instead, place them along your dresser, especially if you happen to have a mirror there. This will double the amount of light each flame provides and add a warm glow.

You want at least three different heights. Start with the taller candles in the back and end with a handful of tea candles along the front. Stagger the placement so that it isn’t uniform. Also, choose a single color, such as white, or two complimenting colors, such as gold and cream. Red is also excellent for those spicier evenings.

Be careful with what type of candles you choose. For one, scented candles can quickly become overpowering, so select something scentless and add a drop or two of essential oil that you love the scent of to one candle. As for type, pillar candles are beautiful, but they can quickly spill wax along your dresser top if you don’t plan ahead by placing a protective barrier on the surface. Tapered candles also work well but require a holder, doubling or tripling the price of this sweet accent to your evening. Pro tip: it’s absolutely acceptable to get battery-operated candles. Not only will you not have to worry about wax spilling, but you can use them again and again!

Once you’ve set those up, choose one candle of each height and set them on a nightstand in an aesthetic array. Similarly, if you have a headboard with a shelf, you can set a trio there as well (be careful of fire hazards nearby if they aren’t battery-operated).

Now that you have the lighting set up, let’s talk about that one unique candle that is going to take this evening to the next level. Massage candles are candles made of wax that, when melted, make the perfect warm oil for an intimate massage. Many are available on the market, but our personal favorite is the Love Play Romance Massage Candle, available for under $20. The scents of cedarwood and lemon are enticing, and a little wax goes a long way. You won’t regret this addition to the evening.

Above all else, a romantic evening is all about relaxing and having fun with your partner. Don’t do all this hard work and forget to make plans with your partner for that time (you can keep the activities a surprise), and set up childcare if you have children. Nothing ruins a romantic candlelit evening like a tiny knock on the bedroom door! For one last perfect addition, try a small charcuterie board and bottle of wine or a set of chocolate-covered strawberries. You might as well go all out for an unforgettable night!