The other day, during a zoom class, I got to thinking about life and my new mindset.  We all have dreams and expectations of what our lives should become.  How do we make our dreams come true?  By implementing what I call the 5 P’s!

What are the 5 P’s?  Passion, Pursue, Persistence, Patience, & Perseverance.  They will be defined by the Oxford Language Dictionary.

#1 – Passion: defined as, “a strong and barely controllable emotion.” A dream requires passion.  You must be able to imagine, visualize clearly, and be in love with the idea to manifest your dreams. Whether being a professional; as a physician, lawyer, or business owner.  Being an artist, musician, chef, mechanic, carpenter, construction worker, or farmer requires an internal drive or passion/emotional attachment to make your dreams come true.  No matter how large or small, it’s all up to you!

#2 – Pursue: defined as, “to proceed on a path.”  Create the dream, now prepare for it.  What will it take? An education or degree, a special skill set, a particular knowledge base, or maybe money/investments.  You have to pursue your dreams, because, they’re not going to come to you.  Moving forward is the only way to achieve your dreams or goals!

#3 – Persistence: defined as, “a firm or obstinate continuance in a course of action despite difficulty or opposition.” You need to follow through with whatever is needed to fulfill your dreams!  Be tenacious in your mindset and don’t let others deter you from what is right for you.  Again, this is a personal thing, only you know what’s in your mind and how you see your life.  Be the Best you can be, whatever that is!

#4 – Patience: defined as, “to accept or tolerate delay without anger.”  Dream/goals take time, which requires patience. Remember your grandparents saying, “anything worth doing, is worth doing right?”  Well, that takes time.  We often get absorbed in self/immediate gratification in today’s world.  We get lost in the hustle/bustle of life, forgetting to stop, take in our surroundings, and smell the roses. Dreams can become a reality, but not usually overnight.  Continue moving forward to our last P.

#5 – Perseverance: defined as, to continue even in difficulty.”  As you travel your path of life, there will be good, great, and bad times.  Don’t let things stand in your way.  Often roadblocks are just a way for us to reanalyze or recreate our dreams.  We have to learn from our mistakes and continue moving forward.  The result is living your best life!

To review: Have a passion for your dreams and visualize them.  Pursue them diligently and with gusto. Have persistence or follow through to create your dreams.  Patience requires time and perseverance even in difficult times to achieve the result. What’s that?  Your dreams coming true! Be the Best you can Be!